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Sony LSI Design Inc.

We play a leading role in large-scale SoC projects, and contribute significantly to Sony product development.

Application: Digital TV, Wearable Device, Digital Camera, Cinema Projector

  • We play a leading role on projects and help to increase efficiency and achieve development with a short TAT.
  • Our design helps to realize low power consumption.
  • Logic design is supported from block design to top-level design, which achieves high-quality design.
  • We offer a full range of services from investigation of wearable and image processing SoC functions to design implementation.
Category & Functions
Category Functions
Image Processing SoC
  • 4K TV Up-conversion Image Processing
  • LCD Panel Timing Control
  • Projector Image Processing
Wearable SoC
  • Wearable signal processing
  • Short range radio and communication signal processing
IP (block design)
  • Security IP
  • LCD Panel Image Processing IP
  • Wearable Blocks
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