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Sony LSI Design Inc.

We contribute to customers' business by performing design with a short TAT while at the same time pursuing a small layout area and low power consumption as the final process of LSI design.

Input (RTL Analog
IP Timing Specifications) Logic Synthesis DFT FloorPlan Mixedsignal Route,P&R STA Physical Verification Output(GDS)

Design Summaries

Integrated back-end design technology from RTL as the input to GDS output lets us perform design with a short TAT while pursuing a small layout area and low power consumption.
Our back-end design technology supports a diverse range of LSI types, including mixed signal chips such as large-scale SoC and CMOS image sensors.
By developing design solutions in concert with design platform technology unit and EDA vendors, we are able to apply technologies that differentiate products from competitors' to designs.

Examples of Actual Design Cases CMOS Image Sensor,Network,TV,CCTV,NFC,GPS,M-OLED,SXRD

Technology and Features

  • Design Platform
    We have developed a (reference design flow) that can be applied to the design of diverse LSI types while making use of industry standard EDA tools. This helps to simultaneously increase both design efficiency and quality.
  • Fundries
    Although we are a fabless design company, we support process generations from 180 nm to the latest processes.
    We also have a record of supporting the processes of more than 10 different foudries.
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