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Sony LSI Design Inc.

Pixel Design

We design and evaluate photodiodes for Sony CMOS image sensors.
We provide total support from camera specifications breakdown – such as number of pixels, pixel size, sensitivity, dynamic range, and noise – to design and evaluation of circuits and devices, as well as measures to increase yield following the shift to mass production.

Technical Summries and Features

Pixel Design
  • Optical Design
Unit Cell
  • Layout Design
Macro Cell
  • Potential Design by Device Simulations
Pixel Evaluation
  • Electrical Characteristics
    Saturation Characteristics, Sensitivity, Linearity, Noise
  • Optical Characteristics
    Spectrum, Mixed Colors

Design Record

  • CMOS Image Sensor Pixel for DSC
  • CMOS Image Sensor Pixel for Mobile Phone
  • CMOS Image Sensor Pixel for Surveillance, FA, and On-Vehicle Applications
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