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Sony LSI Design Inc.

Process Design Kit (PDK)

We support Sony's semiconductor design technology through the constant pursuit of leading-edge technology.

Process Design Kit (PDK) refers to the various basic information used by the EDA tools required by each foundry process in order to facilitate design.

Technical Summaries and Features

We construct analog design flows and develop analog design solutions that support Sony's proprietary leading-edge technology (layering technology, sensing technology, etc.), and develop and support various related PDK.
We also assess and handle various PDK created by other foundries, which helps to reduce design risk.
Our base PDK development technology involves almost all design and EDA tools, and covers a wide range of operations, from process development to sign-off and reliability verification.

Development Record

Methodology development

  1. Design environment for Image Sensor / SoC
  2. Design and verification flow for 3D-stacked LSI
  3. Analog circuit design for sensing device

Development of the following data in various processes

  • Physical Verification Deck (DRC, LVS, ERC)
  • OPC Deck
  • LPE Technology (Transistor Level, Gate Level)
  • Power Supply Analysis Technology
  • SPICE Model
  • Reliability Verification Platform
  • Parameterized Cell
  • Circuit Design and Layout Design Platform, etc.
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