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Sony LSI Design Inc.

High-speed Interface Solutions

With extensive design, evaluation, and analysis know-how cultivated through our experience in Sony device productization, we support a wide range of business and technical areas, from the specification input stage to interface with other parties.

We provide integrated services from development of various high-speed interfaces in the several-100 MHz to 10 GHz range for mounting in SoC and CIS, to chip mounting, evaluation, and productization. This allows us to handle both in-house IP development and introduction of non-Sony IP, and supports the productization of Sony's device and set products.

Specifications - System Consulting - Required Specifications - Function Specifications
Quality Control - IP Vendor control
- IP Quality Validation and Verification
Design and Verification - Software Driver Design - Function Verification
- Hardware Design - FPGA Verification - Logic Synthesis
Evaluation - Exprimental Function Evaluation - Analog (PHY) Evaluation - Set Evaluation and Analysis
Certification - Pre-certification - Interface with certifying agencies
Preparation for Mass Production - BOST for Evaluation - Test Patterns
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