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Sony LSI Design Inc.

By actively incorporating and using new software technology, we provide solutions for a wide range of fields, from embedded applications to application software development.

  • The use of embedded technology makes it possible to support virtually any platform.
  • We design and develop sensing functions that use a diverse range of image sensor types.


Design Record

Design Record
Wearable Devices
  • Embedded Microcomputer Control Firmware
  • Sensing Device Drivers
  • Sensing Algorithms (MATLAB)
  • Firmware for FPGA built into CPU
  • Firmware for Image Processing DSP
Cameras for Mobile Devices
  • Camera Driver
  • Image Tuning Platform (GPGPU)
  • Image Processing Algorithm (GPGPU)
On-vehicle and Surveillance Cameras
  • Sensing Algorithms (MATLAB)
  • High-visibility (High-sensitivity, High-resolution) Algorithms
  • Image Processing (AE/AWB/AF) Firmware
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