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Sony LSI Design Inc.

Analog Design

We pursue analog circuit that supports the high-speed and high-picture-quality characteristics of Sony's CMOS image sensors.

Technical Summaries and Features

Analog circuit that can accurately read pixel output signals is essential for high-performance CMOS image sensors.
Our analog engineers not only perform circuit design, but also liase with our device engineers to push the limits of both circuit technology and device technology performance.
CMOS image sensors are characteristic in that they require a wide range of analog circuit technology such as A/D and D/A converters, PLL, charge pumps, and high-speed interfaces. The ability to support these demands is a defining feature of Sony LSI Design.

Design Record

Design Record
Application Development Record
CMOS Image Sensor Analog Circuit for D-SLR
CMOS Image Sensor Analog Circuit for DSC
CMOS Image Sensor Analog Circuit for Mobile Phone
CMOS Image Sensor Analog Circuit for Industrial Applications
Parallel A/D Converter, Sense Amplifier Circuit, D/A Converter for Reference Signal Generation, Charge Pump Circuit for Internal Power Generation, Pixel Driver, Address Decoder, PLL Circuit, High-speed I/O, etc.
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